It is important to have enough rest, because it is essential for health. We all feel satisfied and rejuvenated anytime we have ample rest, but some of us do not know the exact effect it has on our bodies.

To begin with, having enough rest helps you to be more productive at work. This does not matter if you are an employee or self-employed.

Rest is needed so that you can re-strategize and reposition yourself to perform better. The absence of rest leads to a truckload of stress, and it would wear you down in either the short-run or the long-run.

Closely related to this, having enough rest ensures that you concentrate well at work.

This is linked to being productive as well. If you watch closely, people who find it hard to concentrate at work, have not had enough rest. The brain needs time to reset and when it does, concentration and the cognitive functions are improved.

The effect you get when you do not rest, is similar to what you would obtain when you have abused drugs or intoxicated with alcohol. Hence, for both adults and children, it is advised that you find ample time to rest, irrespective of how tight the schedule is.

Also, having enough rest reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. According to health study and research, people who do not have enough rest stands the chance of coming down with health-associated diseases. Stroke and heart disease are very common ones.

In addition to this, the prospects of depression are reduced. People are sometimes depressed because they have not had enough sleep. A good number of mental health issues are linked to the poor quality of sleep.

The functioning of the immune system is also reduced if the body does not receive enough rest. On an average, it is required that an individual should sleep for around 7 hours, in order to put the body in a good shape.

Conclusively, having enough rest helps you to induce fat. People who do not sleep for long are prone to being obese, and one of the ways to reduce this, is to rest effectively.